3D CAD visualisation

We have been producing 3D CAD drawings and rendered artwork for show stands, show plans, and locomotive cabs for Microsoft Train Simulator add-on software packs since 1999.

Working extensively in TurboCAD Professional and Adobe Photoshop, we have created 3D drawings for many applications, from accurate tooling drawings for CNC-milled perspex components to 3D floor plans and show stands.

Working from hundreds of photographs of their real-life counterparts, both for referencing and also creating textures for mapping 3D models, we created many 3D cabviews for commercial add-on packs the popular PC game Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS), including the title many believe to be the flagship product "Severn Valley Railway" by Blue Arrow TS. Each control element of the 3D cabviews was painstakingly animated one frame at a time and re-rendered to give realistic control movement and light / shadow interaction within the cab environment in the game.

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