Website Design and Production

.... is not just a visual art.

First impressions felt when a visitor arrives on your website are very important.
Building trust and keeping attention are very important in those crucial first few seconds. If the site is difficult to navigate or parts of the site fail to load, chances are your visitors will leave. A common misconception amongst web designers is that everyone these days has a super broadband connection and a 21" screen. Not so. Our sites are designed and developed to alienate as few visitors as possible. We aim to cater for visitors on slow broadband connections viewing at a resolution of 1024x768, even though that is sometimes perceived as a backward step.

Finding your website is only the first step.........
We fully understand the need for visitors to be able to find your site from a variety of Search Engines. Whilst no website author can guarantee top placings in Search query results, we will advise the client on how to maximise the chances of good search engine rankings, through use of effective content, html tags, and site linking strategies, throughout the design and development process. We will also advise what NOT to do, like not having Flash introduction pages that impede a Search Engine's ability to seek out indexable content.

There are many things needed to make a website work for everyone.

  • Clear Navigation - We aim to provide clear navigation, not only from a good usability point of view, but it is also extremely important for search engines.

  • Consistent Design - Keeping the look and feel of the site consistent is key to keeping your visitors on board. If they have to root around every page looking for that menu they used before, chances are they won't bother.

  • All of our sites are built from our own bespoke templates - We create "master pages" which define the position and appearance of key elements such as menus, logos, titles etc, and generate web pages from these templates.

  • Ensure everyone gets the same message - Making sure the site appears as everyone intended it to in a variety of web browsers across different platforms is a tricky prospect at times but one take very seriously. To read more about our cross-platform responsibilities, please click here.

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